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We sometimes need to share information about our participants within our organization and partnerships to help us determine support needs, and come up with the best strategies and programs for our participants. This allows us to tap into our partners resources to create the most beneficial programming possible. Information will NOT be shared outside of our organizational partnerships or to third parties. 

I hereby authorize Autism Teenage Partnership to share information about {{answer_5773753}} for the purposes of program planning, determining support needs, and program operations within Autism Teenage Partnership and its partners. 

Autism Teenage Partnership will always act so as to protect your privacy, even with consent to share your information.
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The following questions will help us to get to know {{answer_5773753}} a little better so we can better suit their needs.

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Is there any form of inappropriate behaviour or aggression? What are the triggers of these behaviours? How do you handle these triggers? Any strategies you may share with us?

What are some of {{answer_5773753}}'s hobbies or interests?

Describe {{answer_5773753}}'s communication skills. Do they require equipment, actions, signs, etc.? Do they get easily distracted, wander into space, or lose focus easily during interactions?

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Any questions or issues will be addressed in person at your first session, or you can reach us through email at 

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